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Not a keeper


Dear Ex BF,

I know you still love me, I know you still want me. However YOU love your alcohol more then anything. I left You because I loved you, i couldnt watch you self destruct. I want YOU to know it hurt me to do that, i suffered for years still loving you and wondering if i did the right thing.

THE STORY BEGINS: I ask him to leave, i still love him.

In comes the overweight, no self esteem college classmate. I call her the enabler, we all know them the woman that tolerates a man that doesnt work for years, has no contact with his child that he loved. SHe feeds his addiction, she supports and encourages his drinking, because if he is drunk she is attractive and he can love her. These woman would rather be with someone they KNOW doesnt love them, then to be alone. NO self esteem. This i find sad.

My EX BF and the enabler are in a reltionship for year, he contacts me begs me to meet him for a drink. Tells me that night he loves me, misses me, he is going to graduate from school in May once he does that he is going to make things right between us. That i was the only woman he would ever love. He wanted us to have babies and our own family. He couldnt keep his hands off me. To be honest my dear i couldnt keep my hands off you, that was NEVER a problem for us. I DO MISS THAT.

I questioned his reltionship with the enabler he told me he didnt love her, that she was a nice girl, but that honestly she disguisted him, her butt was huge, her thigns were gross, he had no passion for her and she was very boring and loud. He did point out the fact that she had lost 60lbs. THat when he totaled her car, that she was very understanding. She was so understanding she knew he was with me, and how important i was to him. HMM i wondered if this was true, since the enabler was calling every ten mins. I finally asked him to turn off the phone or go home to her. He talked to her one more time, said he was leaving the bar at 10, well that didnt happen after a very heated make out session in the car. We left parking lot at 300am in the morning, he talked to me on his mobile the entire way to the apartment that the enabler paid for. ALl he could say was how much he loved me. HE was miserable.

HOwever we spoke one more time after that night, then you stopped fighting and you settled. You accepted your life as it was, not the way you wanted it, it was easy. MY SWEET EX BF OH HOW I LOVED YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.

We have crossed paths later in our life, through the loss of a loved one. How i hurt for you, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. I finally meet the enabler face to face one time. My sweet EX, you cant even look me in the eye, your ashamed!!! she is loyal, but YOU still love me, I feel it, so does she. Oh how she hates and fears me. The enabler i used to pity, but my dear ex if you knew what she did to me, when you were inside saying goodbye to your lovedd one. YOU WOULD BE FURIOUS. I saw a very evil person that day.

So go my dear sweet ex, i love you and always will. I forgive you, and i know you tried. I miss you my best friend.

To the enabler yes you have lost a lot of weight, but ugly is ugly, you are angry at ME, because you know he will NEVER love you like he did me. He needs YOU to take care of him and you will. I used to feel sorry for you, the things he said, but after meeting you. I feel sorry for him. Your not a keeper, i would drink to.


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