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ok, so i come out of science class at the end of the day and my best friend tells me the boy who sits next to me want's to know if you want to go out with him? So think about it and say yes.
So then the next friday i get his number and straight away he starts sending me txts like your so sexy. i got a bit scared but managed it then a few weeks later my friends got bored and because nothing much had happned between me and him. one of my friends dumped him for me and i addmitt i didn't do anything to stop her then he begs.
i refusse him then he starts going out with another girl i knew then o big scene happens apparntly they go to the cinema together and sit in far-off places ans after the movie the girl doesn't give him a hug goodbye and he starts shouting the odds swearing and he dumps her then he grovels and asks her back she refuses him - all the while i'm starting to like him...
then a big scene at lunchtime him an dhis best friend fighting over the girl she refusses them both then the next week i txt him so we start chatting u know just friendly the i talk to the girl on messenger and she askes him back he takes her back THROUGH ME!!! yes through me because apparently she didn't have any credit
so i give up i tell him i love him and he laughs at me the boy who said he couldn't live without me i still txt him were just friends - but my heart always skipps a beat when he txts me - i still love him, but he doesn't love me. It still brings tears to my eyes :(


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