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Watch out for the stab in the back

me and this boy were close friends our whole lifes. when we were bout 15 we started dating and everything wuz perfect. at least thats what i thought. we dated 4 bout three in a half years n we wuz suppose 2 move in 2gether.so we finally got a place but there wuz 1 problem my gurl just got kicked out her house n to be the kind person i am i took her in. it wuz cool n things were goin good, but i started to notice the lil looks that my gurl wuz givin my man. i didnt think much bout it so i let it slide, but then came the lil hugs 4 no reason n the touchin his legs wen she laughed. i confronted her bout it n she said that it aint nothing she had a man to be occupied on. cuz zhe wuz my gurl i believed her n trusted her. but a word to advice don't trust no hoes even if they clame to be yo gurl. ne ways one day i came home early from work n i heard her screaming n i thought something had happened to her.my heart dropped n i ran to her room. i opened the door to find her sleeping woth my man.i didnt kno what to do cuz it seemed like my world had collapsed. so i smacked the shit outta her n him. i kicked them both out. everything i thought i had the perfect life, the perfect friend, and the perfect man wuz gone.a word advice to these kids dont trust no one. its amazing how sum 1 can stab u in the back so quick.


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