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He's not worth it

My story...well met this lad in a club in town around october last year, and at first he done everything he could to meet up with me but i wasn't really intrested but then something hit me and i was attracted! allthough me at the time was only 18 and he was 28, but the age didnt seem to matter, he had a daugther whose 4 years old!
Then we just started seeing eachother and i really started to like him and he uset to tell me things like he would never cheat on me and im someone hed love to settle with in years to come etc, then i found out he had been seeing this girl around febuary, allthough we wasnt officially a couple it still hurt and i tried to move on but then forgave him as he ended it with her then we got together propaly.
then he went away on a lads holiday and was telling me how much he loved me i was so happy and things couldnt get better, then he started acting funny with me, as i was due to go away on a girls holiday. He was saying he didnt want to be with me but wouldnt let me go so we wer over and i went away, then gradually we got thigns back on track then BANG he ends it and says the age is too much and hes not wasting years of his life with me because if i end it with him he will be hurt to have a preety young ex, i was shocked at how selfish...then AGAIN we got back together and everything was great, got past the age thing and was focusing on each day as it comes! then now coming upto a year of meeting and being with eachother we where hppy then he went cold yet again, and started acting funny then he asked for a break which i said was fine! then afta a break he sed he stil didnt know what he wanted then i sed ok well carry on the rbeak then he kept saying dont know dont know and ignorin my texts and calls, which anoyed me cus i wished he was straight with me. then he got in touch and said its best where mates and still be in contact but thats it, and he wants 2 be on his own and that its about time i moved on i was deeply hurt. Then he came into the club where i work with his friends the next day came the bar and blanked me then sat in the corner all over another girl, i just couldnt belive it, its so shallow and immature of someone of his age to do that and not even end our relationship propaly, PHAFETIC hey what u think? so im heartbroken but i know its best to move on as hes not worth it!


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