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What a *beep*

i am in year 8 and he is in year 10. tht was our first problem bcoz ppl called me a slag and him a pedo ect ect. and it really hurt but we kept through. eventually though he broke it off and i was devastated bcoz i believed i loved him... i went on holidaii the next day and he kept sendin me random texts saying i love you, i miss you ect ect. and my hopes began to rise but i found a computer in a nearby cafe and i logged on to msn. his name said loving rebecca for ever... and he still had the cheek to send me these texts i was so confused and i knew deep down that i should of stopped it but i couldnt no matter how hard i tried. then wen we got back he denied the whole thing saying he had never texted me and i even showed him the text and he sed i faked them... i saw him at a party a few days later he came up to me and said i looked amazing and he couldnt take his eyes off me, i gave him a smile and walked away showing him it was his loss. he followed me and ended up talking for hours then out of nowhere rebecca came through the door she was drop dead gorgeous and she walked right up to us gave me the dirtiest look and snogged his face off and once she stopped sucking his insides out she sed i am more than you ever where and he just shrugged and said to her come on babe lets get you a drink....

i hold no grudges but still what a *beep* lol


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