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My first love

Note: I'm talking about the cousin for the whole story.

I met an online friend in gr10 for the very first time. The second time we met he brought his cousin with him. (I already checked out his cousin's page the night before >:P)

First impression, well, he was kind of "I'm too good for you". As the day progressed, he loosened up and was very playful. He would only pick on me though. I can't say i hated it, because I loved how he only paid attention to me. We chilled the whole day and it was the best day ever. We rode on the same bus on the way home. He was sitting inside and he gestured at me. I never really had any physical contact with guys at the time since I was too innocent. He wanted me to hug him, I did and he left.

We talked on MSN for hours that night and he finally asked for my number. He asked me to call him, so I did. We talked so long that before we knew it, it was 6 am. We saw each other the next day. And on that night, he told me he liked me.

With the good parts out of the way.

It lasted about 1 week. He was my first love and broke up with me over the phone. He said he was wrong to have asked me to be his gf since he wanted to be free. But that wasn't the case when my bestfriend asked him 2 weeks after we broke up on why he really did break up with me. He just broke up with me because he liked some other girl.

But then gr11, I met up with the person who introduced us, and basically he said that, his cousin broke up with me because my friend *the guy that introduced us* like me too. And he didn't want the thing from before to happen again.

I don't talk to him anymore and I've lost my bestfriend a year after. She kept that fact that he broke up with me becuase of another girl for 2 or 3 months. That broke me because out of everyone, she was the one I trusted and relied on the most. She could have told me sooner. But i couldn't trust her anymore.

I don't talk to any of them and that part of my life has ended. I still don't know the real reason. It has become a blur, but whenever I think about it, All I can remember was the good times we had. No matter how sad it was. I wouldn't want it any other way. He was after all, my first love.


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