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Peach of a man, huh?

I have been dating a man that I adored, loved more than life its self. Had a great job and his mother got sick, she was 96. I quiet my job to stay and take care of her so she could live her last days in her own home. She lived for 8 months after I moved in with her and it was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life but I did it for my man because I knew that as hard as it was for me, it would have been harder for him. Well, when he was off, he spent his week ends at his house doing what ever while I stayed and held momma hand.
Then come to find out he was spending that time chatting up all the ex's with benefits. Matter of fact he only stop seeing one of them 4 months before I started staying with his mother. Every female friend he has ever had, he has had sex with. Every relationship he has been in he has been unfaithful. Peach of a man, huh?


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