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New boyfriend is a lot better

When i was in 6th grade i went out with this boy and we had a really good time and he and i got along great, but then my bestfriend came along and he cheated on him. So, we split up and i went and tried to move on. Well that night he called me and apoligied and said it would never happen again. So we went out again and he did it again. So, we stopped for like 3 months and then started again. Well, the 3rd time we went out he made up a rumor that i was going out with this other dude he hates and he did that just so he wasnt the bad one here. So we broke up. Ughh.
Then in 7th grade we went out 4 more times, which was a bad thing to do becuase he wanted to take it up a noch and to have sex and i almost did but, he told my bestfriend he didnt even want me anymore and that he wants her. Well since she is my bestfriend, she told me and i didnt believe her because he disagred and my dumb tail believed him.
So, after the 4th time we broke up and he came running back to me i told him no and i moved on to somebody i am recently still with and it has been 4 months. He has not cheated or anything.
I love my new bf alot better.


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