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Ghost sister

I was dating this guy I met in a restaurant parking lot. Probably not a good idea. Well we started talking on the phone, the phone he told me was his sisters. Well after we had been dating for a little while i called his phone and got the voicemail. Well the voice on the message sounded very young. Come to find out from his best friend, HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE A SISTER! it was his exes phone. Well when i called him on it he said that he stole it when he went over there to get his stuff. Well stupidly, i forgave him. Well we dated for a good 3 months and he just got really controlling. So i ended it. Well the night i ended it I called his best friend just to talk and he told me " dont come over here" cuz i wanted to go hang out with him. Well when i asked why he told me that my ex had a girl over there. So i drove over there to investigate and he had a girl laying all snuggly and comfy on his floor. My ex ran up to me trying to defend himself saying she was just there to hang out. Well i flipped out and told her that he was a cheater and he was abusive. Well she left and said she didnt want to be with a tweaker anyway. He obviously doesnt waste anytime! Well i waited there for a GOOD explanation, and he ran out of the house and decided to go for a walk. Well he walked up the on-ramp on the freeway and got arrested.

He's a grade A choice of man lol!!


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