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Some things you cannot forgive

It all started 2 years ago. I had just gotten out of a nasty relationship in which I was cheated on constantly and so I was not looking for anyone at all. A co-worker mentioned going to this club I really wanted to go to and how a guy she wanted me to meet would be there. I agreed and it felt great to get all pretty and go on a blind date. The guy and I didn't hit it off right away, he was quiet and reserved and after a drink or two I was outgoing and talkative. At the end of the night I asked him "so do you want my number or something?" and I gave it to him. To my surprise he called me the next day and later on we set up another date that in a word was fabulous! There was no lack of laughter or conversation from either end...and thats how our relationship went for 2 years...it was seemingly perfect, other couples were jealous of how perfect it was! During the course of it however things started to hapen. A month into us dating I found him on adultfriendfinder, after confronting him, I dismissed it to it was an old account that he was closing. A year into our relationship I found him on the same site...this time he said it was mere curiosity and that he had no intention of ever meeting someone off of there. A month after we moved in together (1 year and 3 months into our relationship) I found raunchy text messages between him and another girl...he said he had security problms and always thought I was going to leave him...I know you think I am stupid for taking him back...and looking back, yeah I was...but think about when you are completly in love and you think you know the person deep inside, you will dismiss alot of your logical reasoning. So after the text messaging incident things were fine, however I noticed him being more interested in online gaming then "playing" with me. Then my worst nightmare happened, after we set a date for our wedding, to make a long story short, while he was laid off (and I was working 2 jobs) he was online chatting to what he thought to be 14 year old girls. Sending them pictures and other nasty and raunchy acts. On June 2nd (2 weeks before our 2 year anniversary)he was arrested after agreeing to meet the girl. SO though I am left with all of the bills, a shattered heart, and he tries to get back with me everyday...this time ...I did not take him back. The lesson learned...there are just some things you cannot forgive


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