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Painful love (U)
It all began last year when I was in yr9. I had parents evening, my parents couldn't come so I decided to all by myself. After I was starting to make my way home, I saw this total handsome boy walking towards me and our eyes met kinda like in them movies. He stopped asked if you could wear uniform or not to the parents evening and I gave him his answer which was a no. Ever since that day I kept seeing this guy he would smile and say hi to me. So there was a day I saw this guy in the park I asked for my msn. This is when things started to hit off,we got to know each other more and more I was falling in love for the first time. It was the best feeling EVER!But kinda the painful feeling you could have in this world because I would see his voice and his laugh and my world felt so cold={ I did warn him that I had been hurt in the past, my other ex playing me with 6 other girls. He promised he would never hurt me, always make me laugh and smile :) I was soooo crazly in love with this guy, I woould lie to my parents were I was going, talk late a night call in on his moblile using my house phone. Well things started to turn nasty. He's ex always wanted him would send pictures of herself naked to his phone, like if you love and got a girl already can't you tell your ex to bug off???? It was hurting me bad because she had everything, the boobs bum everything. He would even comment on her myspace pictures saying your sexy and shit doesn't he relize I love and need him the most. Things got so bad for me I would cry self-harm and eat constantly even tho now am not overweight. He never had time for me which hurt. He then said he needed a break because he was confused and didn't know who to choose he's ex another girl or me. It hurt sooo much you know he said he loved me why did he need a break. At the end I broke it off with him. I am now so happy and single stop slefharming. My advice to all you girls is follow your education don't show to much love for a guy trust it will only get abused and LIVE SMILE LAUGH!Love is so painful don't want to fall in love AGAIN


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