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Ex Lovers getting married in August and i want him back...

To cut a long story short i meet this guy when i was barely 17 he was 24 and he fell in love with me he helped me through alot and we had our ups and downs as every couple does, At the time i didnt think i loved him we parted after 2 years my choice after a big arguement one night, We was livin with his uncle and i walked away from him he spent the next 6-7 months trying to get me back but i just ignored him, he became close to all my family and i had met someone my age and very lovin...At first it was great and he adores me but recently ive been dreaming and thinking about my ex we were engaged and now my new partners popped the question and i said yes cause i felt i had too!!!
now my ex has meet someone else and they are getting married in august(its so soon) hes moving to australia and never coming back but now i realise i still love him...... dont you just hate it when things go so wrong!!!! i just wish i never left him i miss him so much and i would just like to spend maybe 1 day or a couple of hours with him before he leaves the country!!


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