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"Bye, bye darlin."

You have an ego who is only loved by, "Yourself."

I know it was all your loss, as you are nothing short of a "rich loser." You can have all the money in the world, but when you are lacking being an "actual person,"---"you have No clue," and it cracks me up...

So continue loving yourself, as I cannot possibly foresee anyone loving you other than "you loving yourself." As I told you from the beginning----- I will never settle for less.

Darlin, .... Say what you want... But your actions show that possibly the only time in your life, you may have actually thought you loved someone else besides "you."

Guess what? There is so much out there for me, other than a "snob." I deserve so much better and "better you are. you are------ ""so far from." So all I have to say....is....LOL... You are such a loser...!!! You confirmed it on the one day I decided to push your "good-for-nothing ass away."

"Bye, bye darlin."

Give up with your messages. I'm so done with you!!!!

Please don't crash as I know you are, but maybe one day---- You'll realize you are the only star..."You."

"You are so stupid! Lol....!!! My ultimate dream in this life is to look back and laugh at you. The day you realize that "YOU," realized you could never compete with the competition against "YOU." LOL!!!!... You're so dumb. At your age, you'd think you'd be somewhat smarter.... LOL!!!!
LOSER! Capital "L,"------(of course!!!!)!!!! ........lol


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