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Spendthrift boyfriend

Hey everyone...my ex was a asshole right down to the core and very selfish i must add also. My ex and i were together for almost one year...we had an apartment together for 4 months,everything was going good until he decided that he wanted to buy things behind my back without telling me anything about,i sat down and talked to him about (not yelling or screaming) the situation,i said sweetheart that was inconsiderate of you to go out get something which cost 300 bucks without letting me know about when you knew we have a money problem...went through one ear and out the other.I stood by this guys side for 11 months..when he got arrested,when he didn't have a dime to his name,when he needed help paying his phone bill..if i had it i don't mind...he helped me out also if i needed his help too. He wanted to spend his money the way he wanted to,but he still wanted to live with me(which it was in my name,cuz his credit was bad).I stood by his side no matter what. But,he broke up with me a week before my 20th birthday,and before our 1st year anniversary...what a great way to scar somebody's heart!! Thats why i couldn't understand what happen next...i call him up just to say hi,he starts going on and on about how much he misses me and wants to have sex with me(the sex was always good) i'm not gonna lie i did to...about a week or two later after we have sex...i invite one of my guy friends over,he hears his voice and starts going on and on about how much he loves me and still wants to be with me...so i say why won't you do something about he says i don't know. So he starts crying over the phone,this happened like 5 or 6 times while we were still broken up...so i say to myself this has got to be bullshit cuz i know if you truly do love someone you would be them no matter what...he also gave me a promise ring on Valentine's Day last year..i told him to come get it but he says keep it..i don't want to keep something that has no meaning anymore to it,ya know it means something when their still by side and willing to for you,other than that,that shit has no meaning..so i pawned it. I would look at it sometimes and it would just reminds me of how many times he told me he wanted me to be his wife and that he was going to marry me one day and all that bull,i mean the shit still hurts...this asshole has left me with over 1,000.00 in bills i have to pay because he wanted to do his own thing,i had to break my lease my first 6 months lease because he didn't wanna contribute to anything,i don't understand why he treated me the way he did but what goes around comes back around,and its gonna bite him in the ass,cuz he had good woman,i was good to him,he just wanted to do his own thing...but on the bright side of this whole thing is,i met someone so much better than him,that treats me good,and makes me feel good about my self rather than feeling like i'm no good and everything is my fault ya know...i have found some one wayyyyyy better than him and i'm happy that i have.


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