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Wash behind the ears!

I had been dating the same girl since Uunior year in Highschool I was now in my 3rd year at college and she was in her 2 year of college. I however wasn't doing so hot is class and she was worried I wouldn't graduat or be able to support a fam. I had to many distractions so went back home to study. I had no friends no sports or anything to distract me while out there 7 hours from my girl however. But I felt like I had to do this for us so I could Graduate and we could move on with our future. Well while back home doing well in my classes i find out that behind my back my best friend from highschool and my girl had been dating. Not for a week but a few months! I pressed on with my classes and after the spring semester was over I moved back to where she was and got a place with my cuz hopping I could win her back. She came to my place a few times in the next month or so but was still seeing my former friend. One weekend I saw her at a highschool reunion and she said she wanted to talk and the she missed me but of Course He was their so i planned on meeting her at her parents house knowing he would be going back to his parents at the end of the day and she would be going home becuase she had to work the next mourning. I did not tell her that I would be waiting their however. So I get to parents before she dose and let my self in the house using the spair key hidden under the back porch.... And I waite. About a half hour or so I see her lights comming downt he street but when she goes to turn into the drive way I see a second set of lights also turning into the driveway. It was Him my former best friend followed her home. I couldn't believe it. I panicked and ran to the basement to waite it out. Figured he was just staying for a few minutes and then he'd go home. Well 2 hours went by and they were still talking in the living room but I couldn't make out anything they were saying. Finaley I heard the shower turn on and figured that my friend was taking a shower to wake himself up before he travled the 3 hours back home at like 1am in the mourning. So I came out from my hidding place to fiend my ex and say good bye but she was no where to be found. I went up stairs to where the shower was but know one was there instead it was the whirlpool bath tube in the master bathroom which was running and they were both their. I was so furious but I'm not a violent guy so just yelled out to them "don't forget to Wash behind the ears!" and stormed out!. Got a call from my ex a few minutes later saying how upset she was and we haven't really talked since, and they were engaged 5 months or so afterward... Hope you like the storie


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