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Never trust him again

we'd been together for 6 months when i had to go to an other country for 4 weeks, the 2nd week he visited me, everything was ok, but one day we went out, he got extremely drunk and he just hit me on my face.
of course he didnt remember anything (or i dunno, maybe he just said so...) but the next morning i offered him to be only friends
he said no, he said he loved me and if i tell him not to drink again he wouldnt do that
he cried and tried everything
so i said okay, i gave u a last chance!
then he went home, and i stayed in that other country for another 2 weeks
he called me every day to tell me how boring are his days there without me, how much he missed me and so on
i felt really good about it, i thought he knew its the last chance so he wouldnt do anything wrong
then i went home too
we spent the weekend together
everything seemed to be ok, he was a bit odd and i could never come when we had sex that weekend but i didnt take it seriously
but next friday i went to his apartment, and there was a used condom on the floor...
it was actually really funny as he made up a story very quickly that he was watching porn in a condom, and when i asked that okay, but then why is it dirty outside too he said he missed my smell so he took some off my body lotion :)
then i went to the bathroom, took the body lotion showing him that heey man this is greeeen!!!! dont be stupid!
he got really confused and admitted he "fucked a whore"
we opened a wine to talk about it
i just pretended the drinking
so after a bottle of wine i knew the whole story yeeeah :)
they day after i gave him the last chance and he came home, he met this amazing girl at work and now he is not sure if he loves me or her more
i was totally pissed off, and i offered again to be just friends and finally he accepted it
he called this girl that everything was ok, he is officailly single and they can start a relationship blablabla
the next morning i packed my things i had in his apartment, said good bye and wanted to gave him back his keys
he cried again that he cant lose me and cant live without me and he called this girl again to end the thigs with her
so i stayed
2 weeks later when i went to his place again to spend the weekend together he told me "sorry saturday night i will have to go out with my boss, so u can go home and i will go there sunday morning" (aye with the boss... :)
this bitch was coming to him
so friday night with me
saturday with her
sunday with me again ????????
should i believe that he wanted to see her sat night just to end it face to face?
im totally confused
i will never trust him again
but i dunno what to do


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