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Crazy teenage love

So when I was in 6th grade i saw this really kute boy playing basketball for the team i was cheering for. I thought he was so kute but did talked to him. On my first day of 7th grade in my science class i turned around and there he was. The kute guy or boy =) at the time, that i liked. We started being friends but he didnt liek me. He would sometimes be mean to me. Well, 7th grade passed and 8th grade came. I guess i looked prettier in 8th grade because at the first school dance he asked me to dance w him. He told me he liked me and REALLY wanted to get to know me so we talked and we got together. ya we were kids but we had so much fun and were really close. After 4 months he started talking to another gurl more so i broke up with him telling him he could have her. He went out with her and by the third week he broke up w her and called me. I miss you i love you im sorry...blah blah blah. Well because i was only 13 at the time I accpeted. We went out for another month and same thing happend again but it was another girl. We broke up and sure enough he came bak. THen we got together again and agian it happened. TO make the long story short it happened about 5 times and we got together and broke up like 11 times! I know how naive and dumb i was. Well freshman year came after not talking for a long summer and he saw me and started saying the same stuff and I accepeted thinking htat nnow in high school it would be diffrent. WRONG! it happened again and we broke up. Sophmore year came had a another bf ( finally ) and he was great my ex would always look at us but never said ne thing. THat bf left the state so i was left alone again but sure enough my ex saw an opportunity and ask me out. HE was diffrent and nicer and much more mature but I said no. I said i needed time. Around this time i met another boy, senior, and was the nicest kutest buy i had met. And we talked and we got together. My ex didnt even want to look at me he was so mad. I have been with the same bf for almost two years now and love him to death. But ofcourse the ex still txt to get together and ya. I think the ex is never going to go away. We experience A LOT of things and such a young age that I thinkk that it will be hard to let go for both of us. Hopefully its just a matter of time.
Hope you like my crayz teenage love affiar!


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