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Dialing phone number backwards gets love

Okay, so my story isn't exactly normal. One night after fighting with my bf I got bored and upset and decided to dial his cell phone number backwards, just to see who would pick up. Well.. This guy picked up and I started cracking jokes and messing around, and instead of getting mad he just made jokes back at me. We ended up talking for an hour before he told me he had to go, but told me to call him back the next day. And that's exactly what I did. After awhlie we started talking more and more... and I found out that he lived in a different state than me. Even though he lived so far away AND was 7 years older than me... I couldn't help it. I ended up liking him so much and he convinced me to break up with my boyfriend to be with him. We dated for about 5 months and everything was PERFECT. But I was getting worried and scared about him living so far away and I ended up being stupid and breaking up with him. Right after that I said I was sorry and tried to get him to take me back but he wouldn't. I tried for about 2 months and then I decided to move on. When I told him I was just going to get over him, of course then he wants me back. And.. I was in love with him so I took him right back! And then he would tell me he would call me but he didn't. We never talked on the weekends. I would only talk to him for about 15 mins a day, only on weekdays! I couldn't take it so I broke up with him again. As soon as I was getting over him again though, he said he loved me and he would change and everything would be different. I'm an idiot. I took him back. I've never loved someone as much as I love him. He was supposed to call me tonight but he didn't. I haven't talked to him for four days. He says he loves me, but I just don't see how that can be true. I love him so much, I just wish he could love me back. I don't know how to get over him.


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