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alright alright so here is my story...

i was starting my freshman year of high school. and i was super nervous... that was the day that i met this boy. he was super cute and super nice. he was a sophmore and pretty much the ideal boyfriend. we talked for a couple of weeks and got to know eachother alil better. i really liked him

then one day another boy came along.. he was a senior.. we began talking and the more i talked to him, the less i talked to the other boy... well turns out that the senior boy liked me.. so he asked me out on a date and we had a blast, but i still had feelings for the other boy.. :(

in a way i felt bad because i had totally blown the other boy off.. but apparently not enough to stop talking to the other boy... sooo about a month went by the i really liked this boy... the senior boy that is..

SEPTEMBER 27 2007 is offically now the worst day of my life... that was the day that the boy asked me to be his girlfriend.. and OF COURSE i said yes:( i thought i was on top of the world at that moment... little did i know, the "fun" was just beginning...

everything was going really well for about 2 or 3 months and i was extremely "happy"... then one day he decided that he was going to start being controlling.. i was nieve and stupid and i actually thought he loved me..

it got to the point where he wouldn't let me go out with my girlfriends and he wouldn't let me talk to any boys unless they were my cousins.. he even made me stop talking to that boy that i had met at the beginning of the year :'( and even then i still thought he was the love of my life, my everything.. i started thinking that maybe it was best if i broke up with him.. the day i was about to break it off with him he called me.. he said that his "parents" kicked him out and he didn't have anywhere to stay..

i felt really bad.. so i let him move into my house(with my parents permission of course)he lived with us for about 2 or 3 months... and i was miserable.. he went out almost every night doing who knos wat and would come home at 2 or 3 in the morning.. finally my parents had had enough and they kicked him out. things just went down hill from there..

there were rumors gong around my school saying that he was messing around with my best friend.. i didn't kno what to believe... me and my "best friend" gradually stopped talking

i'd have to say that MARCH 12th is the happiest day of my life, the day me and him broke up :) turns out the rumors were true .. wat a douchebag..

so now im perfectly happy and am now dating that same boy that i was talking to at the beginning of last year.. the sophmore, well now the junior.. were going on about 5 months now :D

and too this day that boy that broke my heart still calls me sometimes, apoligizing for wat he did to me.. oh and did i mention that he is now dating my EX best friend!! and she is going through the same shit i had to deal with and she is always crying because he cheats on her, but she refuses to break up with him!! they can both go to hell for all i care!! :)



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