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Roses and a fancy dinner-- then nothing

My ex was quite a character. He bascially got me to be with him by roses and a fancy dinner. Then once he had me ..all of that stopped. Im a college student and i barely had any money. He lived on his own so i would go visit him every weekend.So he would ask me for money all the time. He never could afford anything because he was obessed with his truck and other useless gadgets that he would spend his money on. VIDEO GAMES too...you would think a near 23 year old guy would be less obessed and more focused on pleasing his gf. I remember one time i was trying to make love to him and he completely ignored me and turned back on his video games. Yea so all of these things and more caused us to break up. It was a good decision i really wanted to be friends anyway. Well that didnt turn out well either. I called him one night wasted and i made sure he knew how i felt..well through a friend anyways. My friend bitched him out and now we dont talk. Best advice to all women. MAKE SURE THE ROMANCE STAYS IN THE RELATIONSHIP AND NOT ALL THIS OTHER CRAP.


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