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ok so this all happened 3.5 years ago... i just graduated law school as one of the top students and was moving to LA for this awsome job I had landed at this great lawfirm, I'll keep the details to myself. I'm from Okemos, MI so you can imagine how physched I was to finally be getting out of that place and towards the city lights. So I get to the airport and head to find my suitcase: missing, the info. service tell me they'll have it delivered in no time. Furthrmore my friend who was supposed to pick me got held back at work and couldn't make it... so there I am queing for a cab without my lugage when this out-of-a-movie, drop-dead-gorgeus guy rolls honks his horn and tells me to get in... hmm suspicious but he looked nice so what the hell. I get in he knows my name, where I'm from, where I'm going, what I'm doing.. he knows EVERYTHING about me, and when I say everything I mean he even went down to telling me what color my favorite teddy was when I was a kid!! I was amazed but hey I figured my friend had hired this guy to freak me out/ swoop me off my feet... I didn't know what she was trying to pull but I was sure it was her. So after a steaming, wild, wonderful, passionate kiss when he dropped me off at her place (without me telling him where it was), he was gone. I asked my friend about him that night and she genuinely no idea who it was, genuinely!! 2 weeks later, i had already moved into my new apartment and my door bell rings... you got it: mystery man!! Charming as ever, red roses in hand, kisses me, takes my hand softly and takes me to dinner as if everything was perfectly normal, not one word was said during the whole evening though. After dinner well, hot passionate night in the bedroom followed, fell asleep next to me and was gone the next morning. This lasted 3 years, every 2 weeks he would show up at my place and the same thing would happen, it was kind of magical, after 3 years we had started getting to know each other wuite well, so I thought. I get a call from my sister back in MI telling me that she'd been hiding her man from the family for 5 years now because she didn't want to seem too serious but now that he had proposed she was going to get married to this guy and she was inviting me to her wedding... the next day my mystery man came as expected, it was a lovely night as usual, nothing changed he kept coming we kept our torrid passion which was now burning love. A month later I go back down to MI to attend my sister's rehersal dinner, I meet the groom (you're gona laugh your ass off when you hear this Holywood couldn't have written it better) my sister's loving boyfriend for 5years now husband = my mystery man
i was shattered, i didnt know what to do, i sat through dinner, i went back to LA, mystery man had the nerve to show up again the next week, i slapped him across the face, told my sister and he is now far gone from both our lives, thank the lord.


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