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I dated my first bf in gr 6 and he was the sweetest guy I have ever met, And we were buds to begin with ever since gr.4. I always had a little crush on him. we had so much in common it was as if we were siblings. We both loved snakes and climbing fences and going through bushes. And we both LOVED the crocodile hunter. We started dating when I ran after him after he got in a fight * no one was hurt * and we were talking and he held his hand out to me and I oviously took it.We were dating for about 2 months then we just stopped hanging out and I stoped calling him and we didn't even make contact * phone, school * then in gr.8 he was in a program in the school that I was in, were we work on our reading * I am an exellent reader so I have no idea why I was in the program *. We always sat next to each other and I gave him a hand with works he couldn't quite pronounce. In one story about fish babies or what ever we both snickered at the word sac as in a baby lives on its yolk sac. That was 1 of the things we had in common laughing at random words.Now almost in gr 10 and dating the worst bf ever! he doesn't hold my hand, all he wants to do is kiss me, he never hugs me, or calls. I want my ex back he was the perfect bf. I am gonna call my ex and ask if he has a gf if he doesn't i'll dump my bf's ass to be part of my ex's life again and have all the laughs and adventure like we used to.


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