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Dump him

Break up Sex.

So i dated a guy for 9 months and i REALLY liked him.

He cheated on me about five times during our relationship,but i just couldn't dump him, i thought i loved him.

I ended up breaking up with him. But everywhere i went he seemed to be there. At the mall or the store or the reasteruant! It's like he was stalking me!

Well one night i was alone,and so ofcourse i called him to see how he was doing. He ended up coming over and we had sex.

I was a virgin, and he already had a girlfriend. I felt like a total slut!

After that we became friends with benefits,and every time we met he would promise me the next day he would break up with his girl friend,but he never did.[Typical Guy]

So i told my best guy friend about what i did and he comforted me. He promised me he would never hurt me like that jerk did,and he told me he loved me.
Now we are dating and i couldnt be happier.

But every time i see that guy i think about his poor girlfriend who has no idea what hes like.

Moral of the story, Once a guy cheats on you DUMP HIM!! Get him out of your life,before things get out of hand and you do something your going to really regret!


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