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Why didn't he walk away

My boyfriend kicked up a big issue one night about me hangin out alot with this guy pal of mine and told mi I had to stop cuz he was feelin out of place or whatever. Then when I told him to stuff it and stop acting like a jealous child in anger, he juz broke up and walked away. Just like that, no hints, no talks, no nth.. A few days later, he msged me asking for money.. I told him i cldn't do that cuz we had broken up and stuff and den he told mi tt de whole time he had refused to haf sex with mi was becoz his ex-gd bore his kid for two mthz before she miscarried and left him for another man.. Apparently, he's still waiting for her to come bk to him cuz it's only her tt he wants to get married too.. Mind you, dis was de guy who talke dabt marriage to mi a million tymz before.. When i got mad at mi for using mi as a pawn the whole time, he sweared tt he really did love me.. He's doing my head in with all this talk.. Why couldn't he haf juz walked away and let it be?? Why did he haf to tell mi all dis nw???


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