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Psychological distancing

i've been with my bfriend for 9 years now and we ended up getting pregnant 7 years into the relation ship. the first 3-4 years seemed to be bliss. but he started to psychologically distance himself from me and acted as though he should be the only one to consider when feelings are brought up. i've told him i wasn't happy and didn't feel loved. he told me he loved me and didn't understand that i was not complaining about hearing him say i love you. i was complaining about not feeling it. i got to a point around the 6th year that i just hung out with some friends stayed out for days.he thought i was cheating but i was feeling i had been cheeted out of love respect and any thing that may have made me feel of any value to him.i did go crazy though. when i was a kid i always ran away when my parents didn't listen and i had always felt unloved.then i met him and he made me feel like i never felt before,ever...then he took it away from me.i wanted to hurt him so bad but it's like either way i react i don't win.now i'm just totally frustrated with only my daughter bringing me joy. but even with her she going into her terrible 2 and i need help from him i can't get his time because he's working, tired or what ever other bullshit he's feeling.uhhh.i just hope i succeed in my school. i'll have money for day care ,clothes, massages,vacations..yes, money does make u happy. Because i plan on buying my happiness and depending on myself for free.no strings attached no hurt feelings no disappointments.


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