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Thank ex's parents

me and my boyfriend went out for 6 months.. we did a lot together.. considering we were only 15 and he was my first.. we were in love and he promised me the world. i broke up with another boy for him.. and he did the same. we got to 3rd base and that was a very big step for me considering he depruded me. i loved him with all my heart and he was my everything.. he said wed get married and be together forever. then on our 6 month anniversary he told me we had to stop dating b/c his parents found out (his parents didnt let him date) but he still loved me.. and that we would get back together when he was allowed. then a week later he told me he really didnt love me anymore.. and for me to get over him and to move on. he said he didnt want to be friends. the one that helped me the most was his best friend.. and he is amazing. he helped me through everything. and now... were going to start going out. my ex said its fine for his friend but not for me.. and hes pissed.. but idc b/c i think i love his friend and i know he wont hurt me. now.. plus a week after we broke up.. he asked out another girl and told another ex that he wanted to make out with her.. (hes other ex is my friend).
the lesson to learn here is that if your significant others parents dont allow them to date.. its b/c there not ready and there trying to protect YOU from THEM. i thank my exes parents now.. b/c without them i probably would have been a single knocked-up 15 year old.. and my life would have been ruined.


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