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Going crazy

ok this is going to sound really crazy but i always been having this little crush on this lil boy in camp when i was 10 years old. he never liked me back and that killed me. knowing i could get any guy but him was insane. as i got into my teenage years we finally had our first kiss(in camp- i go back every year)but unfortuatly for him that was just a booty call=( i was so upsite that year. omg for a entire year with out seeing him- i was going crazy for him, me and my friend everyday in school talk about ways to get him back the next summer, can you imagin for the whole year. well the summer of 07 came and by that time i was a lil bit older and knew the game. well that was the year i got him, after knowing him for 6 years. he was truly the most outstanding kid i have ever met. at first he was everything i ever wanted in a boyfriend, later on i have relized that it doesnt last, and i swear to god my mom was right. if there is any teens reading this i really do hope you dont fall in love in such an early ago. it has been a month since we broke up and i am just flat out going crazy=(


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