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I still love him

about nine months ago i separated with my boyfriend [of about a month] because he had to move upstate for college. we had mutually agreed that the distance would be too hard on us. three-ish months ago he came back down to visit some friends and asked if i wanted to hang out, i said yes. we kissed, but still we agreed that we couldn't keep it up with the distance. since then, both of us found boyfriends whom we love dearly. two nights ago i got to see him again, i drove upstate to his apartment and spent the night with him. he hugged me, saying that he's missed me, i hugged him back because i missed him too. we embraced for maybe ten minutes. then... we kissed again. we didn't have sex, but it went pretty far. the next day, neither of us said anything about the night prior. he talked about his new boyfriend all morning and when i left, he pretty much kicked me out with a half-armed hug. i never told him that i loved him, not when we were going out. not when he moved. never. i wanted to when i saw him two nights ago, but i didn't want to make things difficult for his new relationship. i'm really happy for him, because he is happy. and he's happy for me because i am happy. there has never been a day when i haven't thought about him, about how much i miss him. i did tell him that, after he told me he missed me. he often talks about how much his new bf is like me, i really don't know how to take that. everytime he talks about his new boyfriend, i get really jealous, jealous of what i don't have anymore. i want him back desperately, but i don't want to end it with my own new boyfriend for fear that this whole thing could happen again, because i love my new bf, i make sure he knows it. but all i can think about is my ex. i'm not sure what to do, whether i should completely end it, remain friends with him, or what. i know he still likes me, because he wouldn't have done what he did two nights ago; he said he only did it because it was me. and i only did it because it was him. i don't know if i should fight for him or not. he truly makes me the happiest i ever am.


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