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I met who I thought was my soulmate. She was everything I ever wanted in a women. I have been divorced two times. My first wife and I were to young and didn't know better. My second wife I loved dearly and had two boys with. She had a affair with a man that had four girls while as a sponsor for a christian volleyball team in china. I was devastated. I ended up getting a divorce. I love my kids dearly. They mean everything to me. I met a women a while later and with time we fell in love. We dated for ten years because I felt like my boys needed me. She was patient because she had two kids of her own. Our kids all graduated and we were finally ready to get married. One night she told me because of the hurt in my past I didn't fully tust and let go. She said I could trust her and that I could let go and that we would be together for ever and I would never get rid of Her.The next night she said she was sick and could'nt come over. I called later to check on her and and she didn't answer. I was worried and went to check on her. She was not at home. I went back home an d she called later and asked if I had called. I said yes to check on her. She said she had been at home sick all night. I said no I came over and you were gone.
she said busted. I can't tell you where I was. I said then it is over. I can't have missed trust in a relationship. It broke my heart.
she is engaged to be married to another man after 1 month of our breakup. I have not dated in 7 months. I don't understand. With me what you see is what you get. Why did she say all that stuff and then do the opposite. I was blindsided.


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