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Don't count chickens

I was engaged to (what I thought was) a great guy after dating him for almost 4 years. He was supposed to go with me to my friend's wedding during Winter Break (we were in college), but never showed up and my dad had to be my date. Nevertheless, the next day we were going out to dinner since it had been months since we'd seen each other, but he stood me up again. I called, no answer, so I got on the computer. I discovered an email from my fiance saying that his therapist told him I was too sexual and that he was dumping me, and that he hoped I had a miserable life because I didn't deserve any happiness. Huh? Later that day I found out from a friend who went to his college that he had been sleeping with this older chick in his dorm who weighed 300 lbs., because she bought him alcohol, and this had been going on FOR A YEAR. Keep in mind that he had also been visiting and sleeping with me that whole time. Apparently his therapist was OK with that; the real kicker is that a few years later I ran into him at a bar in our hometown with his new BOYFRIEND! Yes, it's all sad but true. Don't count your chickens, girls.


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