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Went to Paris with another girl

I went out with my ex for nearly 3 years, and knew him as a close friend for a year before that. When we got together i was going through a tough time, and during our entire relationship he helped me through a lot of things nobody else even knew about. He was my lover and my best friend all rolled into one. Until one day, 4 months ago, he told me over the phone that he didn't think it would work out! long-term that is. After all the promises he had made about our future together, he just decided and am was just meant to accept it. So i tried to find why, but he was just so vagure, so after a few weeks i just gave up.........decided i could not be with someone who didn't even have the guts to tell me to my face.

4 months have passed and i have not seen him and had barely any contact, but then over a week ago, when i was a bit tipsy, i decided to ring and say hi.........he was a bit off with me and then, bam, it happened.........'she' took the phone! His new girlfriend, someone he has known only 5 minutes, reckons she has the right to tell me to get lost!!! Plus that he was taking her to Paris for New Year's (to try and make me jealous, i'd been asking my ex to take me for nearly 2 yrs but we never went in the end). And the worst thing of all is he allowed it to happen.

Guilty conscience must have been eating away at him cos the next day he phoned 'to see how i was?' Of all the cheeky, arrogant things to do.......

So, now, i have left it but the worst thing is i still love him, and i feel pathetic because of it. After everything, he still has this hold on me which is preventing me from moving on, i want to tell him how i feel but cannot handle the rejection, especially since he is with this new girl now, whoever the cow may be! It's always the way isn't it, you always want what you cannopt have..............so i'll wait and see, they say you should let him go and if he comes back its meant to be, if not, move on.

Thanks for listening!


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