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I have been dating this lady for over 2 months - she is fantastic and I really like - she is smart - beautiful and attractive - she is a doctor...The problem started from day one really - she was always hesitant about setting up another date and I always felt that she was holding something back - If we met on the Monday evening and I asked her for another date - she would say - what about a week on tuesday - that type of thing...This went on for over 2 months, until 1 day we arranged her to come to my home for dinner on a friday evening - well one thing led to another and I asked her to stay the night - she said she could'nt as she had to go to a wedding the following day at mid-day.?????

She texted me a couple of times over the weekend - I admit I only texted back once.... She then rang me on the Monday and told me that her ex had been back in touch with her.......(this was the same ex - that she dumped over 14 months ago because he was very possesive - up to a point of looking in her wardrobe for other men that may be there - he is currently in a 9 month relationship - also he lives 5 mins away from her and she recieved a text from him the day after I had visited her house - strange that - was he watching her house.......?)- she said that she had met up with her ex for a coffee and he had told her that he wanted her back and could'nt live without her....Then she proceeded to tell me that she still loved her ex....Unfortunatly we then broke up - not nastily at all....I receieved a text that night saying that she was really sad and she hoped the best for me...

I have'nt heard from her for over 2 weeks and I have got some flowers being delivered to her tommorrow - because it is her birthday (well half birthday actually)

The thing is I can't get over this girl and feel quite low - I dont think I have done anything wrong - and although she liked me - she did'nt love me

I would guess that she had always loved her ex throughout the relationship and I ought to give up the ghost on this one.............But as I said before can't get her out of my head.....


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