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Broken love

At the start of my life I grow up in the wrong group, being
a gangster, running from police, breaking in places, raping ect and then one day me and my best friend new it wasn't the right group so we moved and settled down in anther group for a bit (about 5 months) but I still didn't feel right so I moved again with out my best friend to another group which was a bunch of geeks but that is when i felt i could be my self and not try to impress any one and i felt comfortable. So my new group of friends some times hanged around with these girls and i started liking one of the girls called ____ for about 5 months and we was all ways flirting with each other and evey one said go out with her and that but then anther girl joined there group and she was called ___ and from the first time i saw her i new i loved her with all my love and after about 7 months of just being friends we started dating and all her friends were like "stop dating her (as a joke) because you are all she talks about". I took her to loads of romantic places and we was with each other like 24-7 so then about the 10 month all her friends were all ways saying to me start going out with her and was rely pressuring me and at the end of the month she took me to a rely romantic place for the 1st time and told me how much she loved me so then i asked her out and she said yes and the 3 months we went out with each other was the best 3 months of my life. I getting rely high grades as i was rely happy and before when i was in the wrong group i was below average and i was a general nice person and my life was going great every one started to like as before every one thought i was a dick (but not my old friends(wrong group friends)) but then when we was going out all my old friends (wrong group) thought i was a dick and all the nice general people thought i was lovely and was the nicest boy and so every thing was going good. At the last week we was going out she was acting very weird like hanging around with a different group of people and not talking to me much at all and then she went on holiday and when she came back she dumped me and said "the reason is because we rushed things. we should of been friends for like a year then date for like 2 years and then go out for a long time" and i was just like "yeah shore sounds good" but rely i was so devastated and and she started blocking me and not talking to me at all then 2 weeks later she started dating this guy and was flirting with him in my FACE! But it only lasted a week. But since we split up i was and still am (5 months later) rely sad and can not get over her.Her friend says she wants to be friends with me and stop blocking me, and yeah she does try to talk to me and i rely like her but it just rely hurts when i talk to her and i don't no what to say and i feel rely awkward and i just try to answer her question and cut the conversation sort as possible and go and talk to any one close to me JUST to get away from her and now 10/06/2008 i still can not get over her and still don't like talking to her and just wont it to be back to the start. These not one day i haven't thought about her and not one day were i haven't cried were i wont her back.


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