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Our lips touched

i am currently 16 years old and i was dating a girl for three years. (since grade 8) We have experienced everything together and i love her so much and we were always so happy besides a couple jealousy fights here and there. I always thought she was the most beautiful person i have ever seen but i made a huge mistake and i told her other wise even though it wasnt true..It's hard to understand cause to be honest i dont know why i even told her otherwise. But she was a jealous girl and she always thought i liked any girl i thought was hot or attractive. So she would get jealous and cry and i would be supportive and tell her were just friends and that i love her and noone else but after a while i just got fed up and got mad when she cried cause it would always attract ba attention and it would always look bad on me like it seemed as if i was this huge asshole of a boyfriend but i really wasnt. And we would always be together so we kinda ditched most of our friends accept for the closests ones. But after a while she got into a crowd and she just moved on and i couldnt do anything about it cause her friends hated me for no reason and they would introduce her to all these guys hoping she would get interested and after a little bit she did and ever since then i have been heart broken but i still love her even though she would talk about me behind my back and she goes to parties and all these guys are hitting on her and kissing her and what not. And i would always try to help her and be her friend but everytime i did she would get mad at me and tell me she hates me and she wishes we never went out adn as much as that hurts i know she never means it just because what we had was special and i know its love cause everytime i look at her im always happy and no matter what she does i still feel that way. For example she is currently "dating" this guy in grade twelve and she is at his prom as i am writing this and i have seen her hugging him in the halls and what not and its just so hard to handle cause i know deep down inside she still loves me. I went to her house 2 days ago and we talked and i dont wanna sounds like a pussy but we cried as we talked about our past and i was able to get a couple hugs out of her and a kiss and when our lips touched i knew it was still there but there is nothing i can do about it cause her friends have her brainwashed into hating me. I just wish it was back to normal where it was me and her forever and ever.


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