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we were together for 5 months before we took our "break", it was right before his birthday and we just needed time apart. we both told each other that we would be back together soon, and soon enough we were back together, but then 2 months after we were back together, he dumped me and wouldnt tell me why. he got all his friends to tell me that he doesnt have a new girlfriend or even like anyone else but me. he told his friends to tell me he still loved me and cared about me soo much. well i was like sooo depressed and then i started hanging out with his cousin and he got jealous and kept asking me y im always with him and everything, but see he can be with girls and i cant get jealous or im physco. and when we did talk as friends after we broke up, we always fought. i waited so long to get back with him.. like 4 months! i couldnt get over him i was like obessed i guess and so i told him i would wait as long as it took, we NEVER even TALKED for 4 months and then he says he likes other girls more then me and all this s**t happened with me fighting this girl he likes now, and now were not getting back together, but i cant believe he did this to me. i loved him so much and thought he did too, but it turns out he was a liar and a cheater too, i wish this never happened .. i cant stop thinking about him and it just hurts to see were not together when i see him everyday and dont even say hi or anything. :'(


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