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Never take her for granted

I still care deeply about my ex of 4 years, its been 8 months. She is with someone else, and I know she deserves to be treated better than i treated her, so i have accepted that. Although i am happy for her, she still means the world to me and if i could go back, i wouldve told her how much she meant to me everyday i was with her. I still dream about her, laying next to me in my bed, im happy, content... then i wake up, back to the harsh reality that we are no longer together. She was such a big part of my life, i am still adapting to her not being in it, im getting by. I miss her smile, and her kind personality, us laughing together, taking a drive in the convertible on a warm summer night together. I know that i may find someone else that i care about deeply, but i will never forget her, shell always be in my heart. Not a day goes by that she doesnt cross my mind. Guess this is what it feels like to be in love. My bitter feelings disappeared a long time ago, and rather than being sad, i look back and smile,remembering the great times we shared with eachother and how fortunate i was to have her in my life. My advice to the men out there: if you are fortunate enough to have an amazing girl in you life as i did, never let her go, treat her well, tell her how much you love her, get rid of the ego and the stubbornness, open up to her, let her into your life, share your thoughts, never take her for granted.


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