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The Dingbat

The Dingbat

Okay well I broke up with my boyfriend on our one month anniversery, not like he noticed, through text message. Harsh I know but he had left the Relay for Life with the guy I babysit for and I just wanted to get it over with. He said ok and we didn't text after that. He changed and came back which I didn't know he was doing then hung around the tent where me and my team were. We didn't talk and when we spoke a little he started the conversation. In fact all the face to face conversations we had which was like 3 he started. I started all of the text conversations bc I seen random hi texts to everyone on my phone. However when I felt bad about breaking up with him and semi wanted him back he told a friend that he didn't like me like that anymore and I needed to get out of his life. So being the friend she is she told me about it. I text him and told him not to worry I was out of his life. Now after a couple of days he starts talking to me again. WTF is up with guys? Anyway that same friend asked me why he kept looking at me, talking to me and smiling if he didn't want me back. How should I know?!?!?!?! Guys are to freaking confusing.


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