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Not able to let go

It was around Christmas when This Guy came into our school. I always kept my distance thinking he was stuck up and arrogant with his ways. When we bagen to start getting closer, he started dating this other girl, who threatened me, saying that 'If anything ever happened between you two, you better watch your back!'. So i kept my distance once again, for she had the benefit of 2 grades, 35 pounds, and 5' my height. When they broke up from her cheating on him at the begining of summer, This Guy and I got close again. He treated me like and angel, and he showed me that he wasnt the arrogant prick I previously thought he was; but he was my best friend, my crush, and an angel, rolled into one. We spent alot of time together as friends, and he dropped hints all over that he liked me (or what I thought were). When I told him about my feelings, everything was perfect. We both began to get busy working over the summer, and seen each other less and less. The last time I saw him, he said to me, 'Dont work to hard hun, I'll see you in school,' and gave me a kiss. Two days before getting back into school, I found out that he moved back to where he came from, 400km away. Heartbroken, and saddened by his departure, I was untouchable by the guys at school. Several liked me at one time, and soon became frusterated with the fact that I never let go of This Guy. 6 months later, on Christmas Break, I got word of him coming down to visit family, but.... he brought his new girlfriend. Avoiding confrontation, I havent had a chance to speak with someone who was my best friend, and the first guy I was ever really able to be myself around. And without putting things to rest, I still have a strong feeling for him that just isnt able to let go, regardless of my trying. I just miss him soo much and Im not able to let go.


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