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Someday, someone's gonna love me

We were textmates for quite sometime, and I began to like him, I do believe he did like me too. The problem is that, we were miles apart. We started to send MMS to see each other and he would always ask me when we would finally meet each other. We both confessed that we really liked each other and we even call each other "love". Sometimes we would admit and say how much we loved each other. I was so into him because I loved him so much and he made me feel the same. But when we were already in college, he stopped texting me. I kept on calling him and he would not answer. Two months after that he said that he has changed his number and I was so hurt because he never even gave me a notice.When I went to their place he would make so many excuses and would not even tell me frankly that he no longer wants to see me or doesn't even love me in the first place. I hated him for that but I guess that's how life is. If we're not meant to be, it just wouldn't be. It still hurts that much because he was my first true love. But I have learned to get on with it somehow. Someday, someone's gonna love love me the way I wanted him to need me. I know someday, someone's gonna take his place.


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