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Ironic isn't it

I met this girl at her big sister's wedding. Her big sister was one of my managers at the time. When i saw her i knew i wanted her but i was shy that night and decided to play it cool. I didnt want to leave the wedding party cos i hadnt spoke to her. Months passed, i thought about her every now and again then i met her out, we got talkin, exchanged numbers, we were in a relationship 2 days later then decided to go steady. I enjoyed my time with her but something began to irritate me, I had no idea what it was but something was there. She was well known for choosing bastards as boyfriends, one was a druggie - people who i hate so much - another was way too old for her etc. I was determined not to be one of these assholes, and so when i had this weird irritating thing in my head i didn't know what to do and so to spare her feelings i ended it, i cut it off.
The next day i regretted it, she told me she'd think about takin me back but in the weeks that followed she didn't. She told me she couldn't as her trust in me had gone.. This broke my heart.

IRONIC isn't it, the one thing i was tryin so hard not to do was the one thing i done.


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