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Go out again? Not Likely

My boyfriend at the time and me had been dating for 7 months, People would say that we were the perfect couple and yadah yadah. Spring break came and I left to visit some family for the week. My best friend and him were good friends and hung out for most of the break, i thought alright, whatever. Third day of spring break comes and I find out that my cousin died.. I phone my boyfriend right away only for him to tell me things werent working out. Apparently i threw a baseball at his "area" and thats why he wanted to break up. I knew that wasnt the catch and was so hurt the rest of the week. Once I got back to school i tried my best to avoid him, but yes hes in all my classes..woo .. Anyway, Me and my other friend started talking and he said " I feel so bad for you , I cant believe your own best friend would start dating him 3 days before he broke up with you " . It all started to make sense, Me and my best friend got into a huge fight the usual, they continued to flirt in front of me.. Everyone was confused and my ex-best friend had already dated him 2 times before, all of the relationships lasting around one week. Well what do you know , one week later the both of them broke up. he still likes her AND me .. Are we ever going to go out again ? Not likely


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