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Nasty divorce

My ex and I met at a drag race and fell in love almost at first sight. I knew I was infactuated, and figured since I was only on vacation and I lived so far away, that nothing would ever become of this anyway. Well, he got in touch with some mutual friends asking for my phone number, they called me and asked me if it was okay, and I said yes! Well, after hundreds of dollars of phone calls he invited me to go on a racing tour with him and I accepted. Well, when it was time for me to leave to go back home, he asked me if I would stay, and I said yes.

We had been together (12 years) 6 living together and 6.5 married, up until a few months ago, (a couple of weeks before Christmas) when (on our date night) I asked him what was up, that I've felt for some time now that he had been distant towards me, however, the reason I had not mentioned anything before then, I had thought it was because he was so busy with his new web site and I was very busy finishing up my second novel. Anyway, he told me that we had drifted apart and that he thought that he might move out. I was totally shocked! I ran to the bathroom with my face in my hands and cried my heart out. He was on the other side of the door, and said something to the effect, that he was surprised that I didn't sense something all along. Oh gosh, well, was that supposed to make what he had said okay? I say NOT! Well the next day, he moved in the motorhome, (that sat on our property) When he said that he was going to move out I thought he would move the motorhome and himself to another location, like a trailer park or something. I was absolutely terrified! In shock and fear, I didn't know what I was going to do. He had to have been planning this for sometime, because he is a thinker and a planner, and when he does something major he also makes sure it is going to be to his benefit too. Well, after rationalizing this all out to myself, I got mad! He just through me away! His pretense of dumping me was almost too much for me to bear. It affected the work that was left to do on my book, my self-esteem, everything. If I had known then what I know now, would I have dropped everything where I am from to be with him? Well, I think you all would know the answer to that! Yet, he says he wants to be friends. (rolling my eyes) Yeah RIGHT! Well, he's got one of the most vile female attorneys who's reputation precedes her. And when I received some papers saying I was in default of not responding to something that was sent to me, I was forced to go and retain myself a lawyer, and I got one who had been in court with his attorney on numerous occasions, and is not intimidated by her in any way whatsoever. He asked me why did I go off and hire an attorney, I told him well, I had no idea what those papers mean't and before I get in too deep I needed someone to defend me. I asked him, do you really think that I'm going to sit back and not defend myself? He said that he thought we could work it out without the attorneys getting all involved. Well, I told him; First of all, you hired a attorney who is known to be vicious and then you try and intimidate me with all kinds of BS. I told him where he could go and at what level at that! So, I married someone that had a side to him that is so out of character. I then said, what is the urgency for all of this? Why couldn't you have waited until after Christmas, he response, well, you don't like Christmas anyway. Now, what in the hell does that have to do with anything? I was starting to enjoy Christmas again, and then he does this. I cannot help but loathe him. But I do believe in what comes around goes around, we'll see....


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