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Two people with too many issues

Well, he's an EX but I am still in love with him.When we were together he cheated on me numerous times.I found pictures with him and another woman.The woman was naked and he had on my chain I gave him.Then I found out he got this other girl pregnant while we were together and while I was pregnant with his child.Then, this pass thanksgiving I was helping his mom cook and he invited over another female and she sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulder.We are not together now. He broke up with me because he said I have to much drama going on.Why the hell am I still in love with this man.I mean, I cheated on him with his neighboor and invited another man over in our apartment when i did'nt know he was upstairs.I did some pretty messed up things to him too.When he was locked up I didn't get him out of jail cause I was mad at him. I hate to sound like a nut but I want to spend the rest of my life with him.H etreats our daughter good and takes care of her.The average person would think he treats me like s**t.He yells at me when he thinks I did something wrong.But I don't mind.I actually kinda like it.I can tell he loves me.We have'nt had sex since I found out I was pregnant.That was a year and five months ago.We don't sleep together because he doesn't want too.That's because(not too sound too nasty)he is not happy with the sex.He's kinda small so he feels like he's swimming,if you know what I mean.I feel the same way.I'm not going to lie to you IT SUCKS.But yet I still try to sleep with him every once in a while.it makes me feel close to him or something.Anyway,I go and sleep with other men.(I use protection of course).But everyone needs a little sexual healing.I'm going togive you a little history about us so maybe everything I just said will be a little easier to understand.Him and I feel like we are loners.His relationships with women never lasts.He has only one child and that's with me.Same with me my relationsship with men never lasts.Even though we are not together and we have hurt each other the past we still know that somehow we are all we got.I really don't think we deserve better than each other.We are two people with too many issues.


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