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Two ends of the sea

Its about us, we were in our school when we met each other. We were together for 5 months. Then we both graduated. Went to our homes. I had nothing but the few beautiful memories with me. We had some problem at home. I shifted to a new place. I thought now it would be impossible for us to meet or to be in contact. I tried to make few calls to him..but was of no use. My mistakes were not talking to him about my problems. I had no idea what I was doing I was all stressed out.
Then after four years I left the country for my studies.Tried to contact but as always his phones never worked. We were not in contact.One of our common frnd gave me his ID then once I had a casual chat with him and he did not say anything. Now 5 years had passed.
I started to like another guy now. I have a strong relationship with him and am engaged to him.

Now recently, after 10 years i meet this guy from the school online. I thought everythig was over among us. But when I talked to him he kept on giving me sarcastic comments about the past. I have full respect towards his feelings but I really wish he would have said those things before 5 years. It would have meant a lot to me. But now I am in a relationship with this guy.

I still care for this guy but now the truth is we both are like 2 ends of the sea. Nothing is possible among us again.
It hurts me when he reminds me of the past. Because it was heartbreaking not just for him but was for both of us.


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