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Drinking habit

when we first met i just ended a relationship an wasnt lookin for anyone. but here he came.lookin cute an talkin sweet.i didnt rush anthing but i knew he was goin to be my nextpartner. we were together everyday couldnt get enough f hm an i could tell when he looked at me that he was crazy about me to. but then the light went out overnight.after goin out of town to see a friend he cameback an i didnt see him for almost 2weeks.then i find out he was talkin to another girl. we tried to work things after he promised to stop talkin to her but that didnt happen also he developed a drinkin habbit while we were together.i tried to tell him how i felt repeatidly but he never listened he always said i was just blowin it out of proportion.but i relized he just stoped caring.he became a total jerk we still talk everynow an again but he always is puttin e dow,saying stupid remarks,an cussing at me.then he gets mad when i hang up on him.what a jerk huh?but i relized that nobody can make you happy u have to make yourself happy an nomatter how hard you try if the other person isnt willin it wont be.


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