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I miss her

i am still in love with my ex, it has been over 2years now, i am getting ready to move on but i am stuck in the middle, me and her have finally started talking after so long, but every time we talk i still feel the pain in my heart of the love that will never be, me and her grew up together, we were friends to best friends and then to lovers, our relationship lasted for 6months, during those months they were the best time of my life, when we kissed it was like the whole world stopped, we didnt see each other everyday, but we spoke everyday, when we were together, nothing mattered just us two, we had our own special place, special phones with the last digit difference only, me and her brothers still talk, our families still talk, but due to the break up we are no longer so close, my ex girl talks to my big brother a lot, i miss her, but thats one unforbidden love, i tasted her love, her happiness, her joyful smile, that brightened my day, to tell the truth i am still in love with her, the girl that i will never ever stop loving, the girl that will occupie my heart for the rest of my life, i miss her,


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