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The Ex Boyfriend is Annoying Me

my gfs x boyf is an annoying b@st@rd...he claims to be 'in love' with her - they were together on and off for like 9 years, during which time she got engaged to another bloke and then dumped him etc etc... anyways, im just pissed with him!! grrrrrrr....... he can't seem to accept the fact that shes with me now, even though shes told me she loves me in front of him, and he was like 'what?'...plus he has a gf of his own!! oh yeah, did i mention hes a model?like, the type that flies all over the world for shoots, and also, as she told me once when we had an argument 'he has no faults'. yes, i am insecure, tho i know she loves me like mad, i dont like other people even LOOKING at my partner. Get me??


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