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When he truly loved me

me and my ex have always been thought of as romeo and juliet.
He was more of a city boy, a little poorer than me, experienced in life, and tremendously good-looking
i came from the suburbs not too familiar with the city myself, came from a slightly richer family, not too experienced in life, and well, i was just more naive than him
and in real life, we were truly opposites: in everything we thought, how we viewed things, our backgrounds, everything.
it all started in middle school when we were young, flirty, and overly energetic
all the girls had had a crush on him one point or another
he was always especially flirty with me but i wanted to show him that i didn't care and i wasn't like the other girls
apparently that frustrated him and he decided to go running after others for a while
then things started getting a little better for us, since i had always had a crush on him
he asked me to go out with him in our last year of school together, of course i said yes, but only until the next day
after that, it had been sheer bliss, although we had many MANY obstacles in our path, to make it short i'll just name them
jealous friends, nosy teachers, and parents who nearly hated each other's guts and on top of all that almost no time to see each other and we would be parting our ways in high school
well, we managed to weather that pretty nicely
in high school, things got a litte different. we went to different schools and we rarely had much time to see eachother
we still loved each other so much and always wrote love letters or stayed up late talking for hours on the phone
then something happened
even to this day, i'm not entirely sure what, but it still hurts this very moment
we started arguing more, getting colder with each other
one day i said, maybe we should just end this because youd probably be happier without me
i felt like that because he always wanted to spend more time with friends than with me for the past few months which was different than before, because he always wanted to spend every second he possibly could with me
and he said fine, okay and he hung up. no tears no nothing.
now we had broken up before and i had done it, but he told me that he had stayed up the whole night crying and thinking about me
it has been different, we're still friends and we still care about each other deeply, but he has told me that he is over me
we still see eachother and meet each other in secret
i cried every night for months
i wish that it could all be how it used to be, when he was truly in love with me


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