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Loving Someone Hurts So Bad

Iíve loved this guy for a year, three months and ten days. Our love is almost perfect. But for just a girl, our relationship comes to a great disaster. This girl is always calling him to their house. And he fall in love with her because we donít have a good communication. His feeling for me was changed. And when we meet he told me that he loved the girl and it really hurt me. He admits that it was his fault. And I really feel that it was his. Because he knows the girl loved him and he did not find a way how to avoid her. I even told him to buy a new cell phone so that we can communicate well but he did not listen. I told my friends about what the guy said, they told me to break up with him but I did not listen to what my friends told me. Coz Iím hoping that things will be back in normal. I really trust him that he will find a way how to dump the girl. But he did not. Days passed I thought he forgot the girl already. But to my surprise he told me that he love the girl. He canít avoid feeling it, he told me that he tried but he canít. So I broke up with him. After a week of our breaking up, he miscalled me. I was surprised, but I did not miscall back coz I donít have a load. Iíve tried to forget him, and search for someone new. But all I think is him, his warm embrace, his kisses and his voice. All I can think are the memories of ours. I know I should forget him. But still I love him. Iím trying to put my attention on other guys. I even try to be a friend to my crush just to forget about him. But I was ďbigoĒ I donít know what to do. I hope months will help me forget all about our relationship and we can be good friends again. And Iím still hoping that there is someone I will meet in the near future who will love me. And never leave me. Iím hoping I wonít feel this pain anymore. I know time will mend my broken heart and there is someone out there waiting for me.

I hope one of this days the guy I love will realize how much I love him. And he can read this.

Through this experience I realize the real meaning of love. And it goes ďIF YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE LET HIM GO. LET HIM BE HAPPY WITH THE ONE HE LOVESÖĒ


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