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well i never had love in my vocab and wasnt even in the right state of mind to be in a relationship. but this boy kept asking me to go with him. i let him down 3 times til ai finally said yes. everything was going good we always talked and saw eachother like a normal couple. and when day i just knew that i loved him and i told him how i felt and he told me he loved me the same way. so as usual are relationship got stronger. till he went to wisconsin the whole time he was ther he never called never txt nothing!! so when day i decided to call em to see if he was back and he was(he didnt tell me) so that made me mad and i kinda got an attitude. He txt me later that day talking bout how he confused and dont know what he wanted in his life so in so many words he didnt know if i was the one he wanted to be with. I was so hurt becuz i was n love with this boy. I later found out that his ex went with him on that trip and he was starting to have feelings for her. some weeks later he told me he wanted me back and we started all over again, but htings wernt the same he would pay me no attension we didnt talk like we used to. I had found out that i mite be moving and i told him looking for that support but i didnt get it he told me that he didnt want to fall for me anynore if i was going to move. So on our anniversy we broke up. we stayed really close. Kinda like friends with benefits well i went tokiss him one day and he told me that he couldnt kiss me n i asked him why he said he went with someone.(he went with someone i was really cool with) This hurt me so bad we didnt talk the whoke time they was together. till they broke up he came running back looking for that love i gave him. but then i ended up going with someone eles, n we all know boys cant help but want what they cant have. We broke it off cuz my feelings for my ex was to strong. we been off and on since but its differcult becuz i want to be with him for good and he dsent want that right now. I wish i would have just left him alone and loved me first.


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